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Life is short; find your passion and make a difference in the world. 

Our mission is to work with nice people who like us are inspired by the world around us.  Our clients value design, artisans, and exceptional materials.  Our job is to take the overwhelming part out of design and bring joy back to the process. 


Elizabeth Design Co has no single style.  We are inspired by the architecture, people, and surrounding landscape while focusing on function, flow, and feeling.  We will push you outside of your comfort zone and empower you to take calculated risks.  We work incredibly hard, play even harder and don’t take life too seriously. 


It’s not just about the way it looks it’s how it makes you feel!


Function and beauty are not mutually exclusive in Elizabeth Design Co’s projects.  With our interior design, remodel, or new construction projects, every space is thoughtfully designed with purpose and flow as the foundation allowing for architectural elements to anchor each space with intention while a mix of selected furnishings, objects, and art complete the very personal overall vision.


Moments of calm combined with the unexpected promotes homes that have character and livability.  Every project is centered around the people that live there.  What is your vibe?  How do you approach life?  How does your home speak to your personality and daily activity?  The geographic location, neighborhood and architecture of each residential project are also very important factors.  Is this your family’s vacation home?  Is our goal to preserve the old beach cottage charm while updating it to reflect the needs of your small growing family?  Is this a modern mansion on deep water?  We ask a million questions and get to know you on a much deeper level.  This process is what drives design that is meaningful and stands the test of time.

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